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Empowering Possibilities. Enabling Growth. Embracing Sustainability. 

Tailored to your unique needs, we craft customised roadmaps to illuminate your journey towards acheiving lasting success. 

Marketing & Public Relations


Generate meaningful connections. Optimise expansive outreach. Discover how our strategies can boost your messages and impact:

1. Branding:

Compose unique and innovative approaches that can strengthen your storytelling. 

2. Creative Production:

Create captivating and compelling multi-media content that can engage your audience. 

3. Communication Planning:

Develop in-person events and online engagements that can enhance your visibility.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

nianzhi_ qualitative_2

Unlock actionable insights. Navigate challenging complexity. Experience how our data-driven solutions can empower your decision-making:

1. Business & Market Research:

Deliver optimised strategies that can spark informed decision making and fuel accelerated growth. 

2. Politics & Policy Research:

Provide guidance on regulations and implications that can mitigate risks and ensure compliance.

3. Academic Research: 

Ignite synergistic interactions among experts that can steer transformation and nurture innovation.

Localisation & Transcreation


Foster seamless communication. Achieve cultural nuance. Uncover how we can enable you to transcend cross-border barriers:


1. Language Service:

Equip yourself with proficiency and insights that can enhance your global growth. 

2. Cultural Adaptation:

Conduct revisions and modifications that can help you smoothly adapt to diverse cultures. 

3. QA & Testing:

Oversee performance evaluation and problem resolution that can ensure flawless user satisfaction.

Innovation & Management Advisory


Drive responsible growth. Secure transformative success. Learn how our services can equip you to be a trailblazer in your field:


1. Strategy & Management:

Offer tactical guidance that can aid you to conquer emerging and unexplored territories. 

2. Sustainability & Social Innovation:

Build effective frameworks that can enable you to shape future-resilient and socially-empowering progress.

3. Digital Transformation:

Present refined solutions that can help you harness the fast-paced and ever-evolving technological landscape.

Talent Sourcing


Anticipate international search. Fulfill versatile needs. Explore how we can assist you to acquiring resourceful people for your tasks:


1. Freelancer Hiring:

Bridge skill and resource gaps that can enable you to establish a well-structured and flexible workforce cost-efficiently. 

2. Expert Placement:

Bring knowledge and perspectives that can empower you to overcome challenges and drive outcomes with confidence. 

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